The Four Looks

Dear Teddy,

This semester I started paying particular attention to my social media habits and the impact it has on my life — specifically Instagram.  Scrolling through Instagram has become more of a mindless habit than an actual want, and I don’t feel better after using it.  I tend to compare myself or my relationships to others, and ultimately, it distracts me from doing better, more productive things.

After attending Women’s Conference at BYU, my Mom shared with me something that I want to always remember:

How can we avoid comparisons that may come when viewing social media?

#1.  LOOK AWAY.  If you see something on social media that makes you feel bad about yourself or your life… look away.  Put the phone down, unfollow someone if needed.

#2.  LOOK BEYOND.  Recognize that people’s posts never show the full picture.  Everything is not always as it seems.  For good or for bad.

#3.  LOOK UP.  When social media makes you feel inadequate or envious… look up.  Remember who you really are & that God loves YOU.

#4.  LOOK TO LOVE.  Think outside yourself.  Serving others will bring you true happiness and joy, and will teach you to love others as He did.

A wise man once said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” May we all do well to remember it.

Your dearest friend,


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