So Deeply Loved

Dear Teddy,

I want to do something great.  I want to make a difference in the world — be extraordinary.  At least that’s what I told myself up until a couple months ago.

In January, my cousin Jake called and asked if I could babysit Halle and Jane.  When it was time to put Jane to bed, I changed her diaper, fed her a warm bottle, and laid her in her crib.

I didn’t want to leave without making sure she was comfortably asleep, so I shut the door and sat on the floor. As I sat there in the dark, thinking about life and how much I loved that sweet girl, a quiet thought came to my mind:

“I don’t need to make a difference to the whole world. I will have the opportunity, as a mother, to make a world of difference to a small few.  And that is enough.”

When I think about the people that mean the most to me — my parents, siblings, grandparents — I know the world probably won’t remember them when they’re gone…

…but I will.

I hope they always feel and know that they are loved, even if by a seemingly small few, because they truly are — so deeply loved.

Your dearest friend,


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