His Love

Dear Teddy,

Jeffrey R. Holland, a master of rhetoric, wrote a talk titled “Tomorrow the Lord Will Do Wonders Among You”.  In his talk, he emphasizes three simple, yet powerful truths about God’s love:

1. “The first great commandment of all eternity is to love God with all of our heart, might, mind, and strength—that’s the first great commandment.  But the first great truth of all eternity is that God loves us with all of His heart, mind, and strength.”

The most glorious, omnipotent being known to man loves YOUwith all of his heart, mind, and strength.  For a moment, just try and imagine what that would looklike.  Try and imagine what that would feellike.  We have no idea of the depth of his love for us; how much he yearns for us to be happy.

One of the things I admire most about Him is how he loves each of us differently and individually.  He wouldn’t talk to you the same way he would talk to me.  He wouldn’t show love to you the same way he would to me.  He shares a personal, genuine connection with each one of us.

2. “No matter how serious the trial, how deep the distress, how great the affliction, [God] will never desert us.  He never has, and He never will. He cannot do it.  It is not His character [to do so].”

In our darkest moments, when no one seems to know how much our hearts are longing for comfort, He is there.  He knows.  “His divine love and unfailing help will be with us even when we struggle—no, especiallywhen we struggle.” (JFH)

I have faint recollections of my Papa Duke, who passed away when I was young, but the image of him in my mind is mostly a result of stories and memories shared by family members.  On rare occasions, like baptisms and weddings, my family feels him near.  A couple weeks ago at work, I was overwhelmed with recent life events and felt the all-too-familiar lump in my throat as tears filled my eyes.  I felt so alone.  I knew that my friends would have tried to understand and that my family would have been there to talk if I asked, but I couldn’t bring myself to explain how I felt.  In one of my loneliest moments, when no one on Earth knew what I was feeling, I felt my Grandpa with me.  Often times, God uses others to show us His divine love.  That day, it was my Papa Duke.

3. “‘…All things work together for good to them that love God.’  So keep loving.  Keep trying. Keep trusting.  Keep believing.  Keep growing.  Heaven is cheering you on today, tomorrow, and forever.”

I can’t think of a more hopeful promise than knowing that everything will work out for those that love Him.

Elder Holland closes his address by reminding us of Joshua’s encouragement to his people when they faced a daunting future.  “‘Sanctify yourselves,’ he said, ‘for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.'”

And what wondrous wonders they will be.

Your dearest friend,


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