Authentic Perfection

Dear Teddy,

Even those who know me on a semi-personal level know that I tend to overanalyze everything.  It’s a blessing and a curse, really.  But thanks to my overly-analytical brain and recent goal of developing more self-awareness, I’ve come to learn two very important things about myself:

I strive for authenticity,
I strive for perfection.

The only possible way to achieve both is to be genuinely perfect, and the number of mistakes I make on the daily are a clear indicator to me that I am genuinely not.

There is only one person who has ever reached that level of perfection on Earth, and ironically, He understands perfectly how it feels to be caught in the middle of this impossible balancing act.

It is because of Him that I am learning to accept—and even appreciate—my imperfections.  I am learning to be patient with myself, recognizing that small steps of progression eventually lead to perfection.

So, that is my new goal:  authentic progression.

Your dearest friend,


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